By the Numbers

by Dave Jackson

Saddened by the negative, Coleen drives home with the radio off. Her eyes fixed far on the road ahead of her. Her mind in a downward spiral. Her inner voice affirms she failed and asks herself over and over, “why”?

This continues all the way home. The cell phone rings but she chooses not to answer it. Sadness has slowly turned into the pain of being mad; mad at herself, at the person who rejected her, and at the product and system she presents. Upset, she heads for the front door and dumps her bag at the entrance.

Without a thought, she heads right for the TV, recalling the constant comfort it gives in seemingly any situation. She tells herself she will get organized tomorrow and try a different approach.

Tomorrow comes and as she gets into her day, she gets a call from her mom saying she will be by to pick up some shoes that she bought. The “shoe” visit lasts till mid-afternoon. A friend calls and says that Oprah has a special guest. Another hour is gone. Dinner time arrives, then a little after dinner TV and the day is gone. But tomorrow…

As the next day arrives, she looks down her list of prospects and mentally begins to scratch off those who may treat her in a similar negative fashion. The list dwindles down to a few whom she considers close friends, but they are on her “chicken” list.

Yet in order for Coleen to survive in this industry, she has to have a few givens:

1. That no matter what, she will never quit. Network Marketing isn’t something you can “try” for six months. That would be like raising a child and if they kept trying but weren’t walking at 12 months, we’d quit helping them and go on to something else.

2. That in order to be a success at this, it takes learning – time to sharpen the saw. Get your sales and prospecting skills sharp, and know how to use them. Plug into the system your upline has for you and don’t reinvent the wheel.

3. Remember that God lets us play a very big part in what happens here on earth. He chose to get a lot of things done here on earth through us.

So, tomorrow what would you do if you were Coleen? I would get encouragement. This is one of the best businesses in the world to meet fine people who sincerely want to see you succeed and will help you get here. I would be on the phone to my upline. Don’t try to do this business alone. Create a team. Support each other.

Next, get back to the basics. Okay, what’s the system my team is using? Study it.

And for sharpening the saw, remember that Network Marketing IS marketing – and marketing hopefully ends in a sale. You cannot believe that you’re going the “share” yourself to the top of your organization. Get some “sales” skills. Look up Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar on or eBay for books and multimedia that will get you started.

Keep working your prospects even while learning sales skills. As you get feedback from your work, you will get exponentially better at what you do. Ask ANY top earner with ANY Network Marketing company and they’ll tell you why they are at the top:

They simply went through more numbers (presentations). It really is a numbers game. As you go through your numbers, you will notice momentum as your skills improve – you’re gaining useful feedback. You’re becoming a master at what you do, able to easily duplicate yourself.

So breakout of your downward spiral. Listen or read some self improvement material. Commit to presenting at least twice a week. Get through the numbers quickly. Listen to your feedback. Make it happen for you! You CAN do it.

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