C S Lewis Got it Right

by Dave Jackson

After getting back from Las Vegas, Adriana and I just wanted one evening to kick back and relax.  Put our feet up and watch something with the family.  We’d all seen C.S. Lewis’ classic, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” from “The Chronicles of Narnia”, and I thought Adriana’s mom had not.  So, we were going to watch this, and try to put the audio in Spanish – since her mom doesn’t understand much English, and Spanish is a close second to Portuguese.

Turns out we couldn’t find the DVD remote, so we were left with translating as the movie played out.  But I’ve found, since growing up in a foreign country and translating for many of my non-English speaking friends, that many times I had a deeper understanding of the subject if I had to break it down into another language.

And that’s what happened with the story of Narnia.

I’ve been raised in a Christian home, my Dad was a minister, and my Mom many times a Sunday School teacher.  Both were missionaries to Brazil for over 30 years.  Yet there were times that I struggled with believing the whole salvation story – the whole God created everything.  A few times unbelief crept in and made me ponder if that is all truth.

Yes, I’d be brought back to my senses by just looking around me.  God’s handiwork is everywhere and none of this, I believe, could happen by chance.  Soon I was believing again that God is the Creator, sent His Son to die for us, and we’re here to serve Him.

When translating Narnia for my mother-in-law, it became incredibly clear to me that the only way anyone of the kids got through the back of the wardrobe was if they had a thread of belief that it could be so.

Let me explain.  Remember, Lucy was trying to hide during the game of hide and go seek, and chose the wardrobe to hide in.  As the youngest, she believed in almost anything.  I’m sure she believed in the tooth fairy and Santa, and hey – if a magical land appeared at the back of a closet – that would be awesome!

And that’s just what happened.

But when Edmund went to look, all he found was the hard wood back of the wardrobe and he tapped it in disbelief.  And so it was until he, after following Lucy into the wardrobe, beginning to believe himself, that the back opened to Narnia and the lamppost.

When I translated that part, I reinforced something that I wondered about for decades – the way God wired the universe is that when we choose to believe, it opens up for us and works.

Please don’t miss this because it’s the crux of the whole thing.

When you believe, things (universal, beyond our control type of things), start moving to make it so.  Because Lucy believed, Narnia was “always” there.  When Edmund and the others finally believed – Narnia was there for them.

The stronger my belief in God and His plan, the more it is revealed to me.  See, even if I choose not to believe it – it is still there – but it is blocked from me.  It shuts down, doesn’t appear, is the wooden back of the wardrobe and keeps me from blessing or whatever else is there for me.  Just like that wardrobe, if I don’t believe it – it’s not there for me.

This hit home while I was watching the movie and Adriana and I talked about it later that night.  We thought about how true this principle is and how it works with our business.

Did you know that when you simply believe you can reach your goal in your business that all things begin to open up for you?  When you step out in faith, doors open.

And, just like Edmund – when you have your doubts, doors close – people shut down to you.  You can’t reach your goals because the back of the wardrobe is solid, a barrier.

Could it be that simple?

If so, what things can strengthen our belief system?  Certainly NTC did this for us.  Other factors help:

1. Staying involved in the system by completing the work required of someone at your level.

2. Staying plugged in to team phone calls and showing up at team meetings.  When you don’t, you really are reinventing the wheel – and unfortunately, your team will follow you.

3. Go to any major event/meeting within a three hour drive.  You’ll meet others and be able to network.  At NTC we learned as much networking with crossline as we did from keynote speakers.

4. Are you doing your 30 minutes of self-development each day?  This is a great belief-builder.

This is a long post and maybe a tad controversial.  I offer that it does work for me and I wanted you to know so you could try it in your life – because if this is the key for you – then you’ve made great progress today.  Let me know what you think and if you feel the same way.

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Kevin May 1, 2007 - 3:36 pm

This reminds me of the time I was workign at a coffee house and there was a guy sitting at the bar talking to some kids about how he was an Atheist. His big argument was that if God is perfect and created everything then how come something as complex as the ocular system degrades so fast and you have to use glasses, contacts, Lasik, or whatever to correct them; to which one of the kids responded, “Are you kidding me? How can you think that something as complex as the ocular system happen by chance. Everything in the human body had to be calculated just right otherwise we’d all fall apart!” It’s always nice to believe in someone who knows what He’s doing then “just leaving it to chance”.



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