I Can Help You Speak English

by Dave Jackson
teaching english whats app

When someone asks me, “Dave, how can I learn english?” I tell them that they must get in a situation where there is NO OPTION but to speak english. You will either go hungry, sleep on the street, or have to use various and assorted places and objects to go to the bathroom.

I want to help.

For a limited time, I am going to attempt to help you learn to speak better “Conversational” english by having us text and chat via the popular app, What’sApp.

And for you who want a little try before you jump in with both feet, I’ve arranged for a trial period to test. If you feel this has value for you, let’s go! If not, you are only out a little money and time.

For those who want success sooner than later, the link for all the information about lessons and how to get started is here:


I am going to LIMIT the amount of people I work with because I have a life, too, so hurry!! If you want this, get it NOW.

Oh, and for the aggressive…you know who you are…get this whole package FOR FREE. I made it easy because I know you have a life, too. Look… get me one friend who signs up and you’ll get a huge discount off your subscription. Get three and you’re off the hook! FREE with THREE… check out the details on the page mentioned above – but don’t delay… you know me. I act quickly!!

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