Castles in the Amazing Race

by Dave Jackson
The Biggest Loser Diet

The Amazing Race applicationIf you are a connoisseur for positive image shows then you love The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser, both Prime Time shows that push the winning spirit of average people. The reason why I like The Amazing Race so much is that it pits people in the most challenging circumstances and there are no punches held back. You either make it work or you fail.

The Biggest Loser DietThe Biggest Loser is a little different in that people come into the game with a huge detriment, their weight and other mental baggage. And it’s not easy to get to where you really want to be – in shape and the whole world admiring you – and in addition, winning the contest.

Last Sunday The Amazing Race featured some of the most beautiful castles of Europe. The primary castle, Neuschwanstein Castle is the inspiration for Disney’s castle for Sleeping Beauty. And this season the characters are SO diverse. A few are always close to meltdowns.

So here’s the take-away: If you want to take some of the negative TV out of your life – shows that continually show crime – and fill it with some great action that will fill your spirit, too, then turn on The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser. Not only will you learn something positive, but it’s hard to sit in front of the TV eating munching when you see someone almost dying to drop a few pounds.

Want to enter either competition? The prize is awesome!

How to Enter – application for The Amazing Race.

Most people look for – The Biggest Loser Diet – but if you want to try out for the show, The Biggest Loser application is where you want to start.

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