China Conspiracy

by Gene Quevedo
China Relations

This lady is a conspiracy theorist; she was on CSPAN.

China makes an easy scapegoat for our problems at home. So did the Jews for Germany.

If they would have focused on protecting our data and online rights then we wouldn’t have an issue here

But they still refuse to accept any responsibility, refuse to acknowledge the reality of the problem, and refuse to own up to their very own abuses and participation in the abuse of peoples data worldwide.

We’re the good guys, China is bad guys, communism is bad democracy good.

Where’s her evidence for her claims?

The reason that manufacturers moved to China was because of cost. But. There’s more. If they give incentives for manufacturers to return that won’t solve the problem. The main reason isn’t just cost, it is also because American citizens made the choice that we don’t want to pay high prices for our products. Even if manufacturers return, when 2 products, one from here and one from China are in the market, we will overwhelmingly buy the less expensive Chinese made model and the US manufacturer will eventually go under. We made the decision through our buying.

Same with piracy, music was pirated because the industry stuck with old models of business, they refused to adapt. When Apple changed the game and offered singles for low prices, people stopped pirating music.

Damn, these representatives are stupid. I’m sorry but they are. I can agree China and every other nation is a cyber threat but the biggest threat to citizens is our own government and our own corporations.

And why is the discussion of being first in 5g a worry? Is China building 5g antenna in American cities? Not sure how that’s relevant right now. Was there a plan to allow outside governments to own and control 5g here?

C Span 2 – US – China economic relations.

It isn’t about C Span

This is how representatives think, it’s what they believe is going on.

If they think it’s in their best interest, which tech company lobbyists are working very hard to convince them.

Creates less competition and allows the intelligence agencies of the USA to contain data within our borders, but without oversight this will lead to a government controlled internet, where they determine what we can and can’t have access too.

So yeah go ahead, I’m losing my mind anyway. Let them take away online freedoms, let them blame a scapegoat, and sleep soundly knowing we’re the only good guys in the world

We don’t get any news out of China here, so I imagine the average Chinese citizen feels the same we do. They don’t get outside news from here either. We just trust what they tell us and hope for the best. Even if we disagree what recourse do we have.? None.

It’s best to not involve yourself and just ride the wave and enjoy the things allowed. When it’s all gone in 20 billion years, will it matter? lol

It’s done nothing but made me feel victimized, angered me, created tension with family, and caused trust and faith issues.

Don’t bother fighting it, it’s a shitty existence.

Play by their rules and you have a chance. Fight against it and it will crush your spirit.

No wonder Americans absolutely love getting drunk and drugged. It’s easier to be a dim bulb, blend in, and not care.

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