CoronaVirus Hoax or Real?

by David Jackson
Corona Virus

All this attention to coronavirus but let’s be real here, the real threat, and it has been for centuries now, is the flu virus.
Some stats :

Flu related deaths in the United States for the 2019-2020 season = 47,147 with 54 pediatric deaths (data from September to last week Jan 28.)

Corona related deaths since outbreak =
106 (globally)

Scared yet?
Thank you media clowns.

This is either more xenophobia or something to get us excited since the impeachment trials are so damn boring. Either way I think a solution would be, seeing how the coronavirus (and related strains) come from bats, the Chinese should stop associating with the creatures. Who would have thought a tiny bat sneezing on you would cause such an uproar!

Chinese authorities have ordered all coronavirus fatalities to be cremated “close by and immediately” as infection rate soar.

The National Health Commission also banned burials and funerals to prevent the spread of the virus, which has now infected more than 17,300 people in at least 26 countries and killed 362. Why are the numbers so wildly different in every report?

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