Crew Dragon Number 1

by Dave Jackson
crew dragon

Regis Philbin passed last night. He didn’t get to see the Mars launch and I hear he wasn’t a big fan of the New York Jets.

One thing I love is that I’ve lived long enough to see a Moonshot and after total disregard for anything space related, a return to the energy “we” had when rockets would soar toward danger.

I looked at the picture of the selected crew and with what’s going on today I said in my mind – at least they tried to get everyone (all races, especially black) in the group.

How absolutely ridiculous you even have to mention this.

Let’s send people up, qualified or not to appease the tantrum throwing brats. Truly is a bunch of brats that have never experienced true hardship.

IPhone carrying brats, manipulated into believing “facts” that don’t line up with data. The media spins it in whatever way brings the largest ratings.

“Mostly peaceful protests” what is that?

OJ Simpson was mostly peaceful that night…

Report it for what it was, peaceful protests and on the other side looters and rioters. Media decides what we see. They steer the public into reaction.

Even after their HQ was damaged (CNN), didn’t matter, ratings were too good.

You can search police brutality and find mass amount of videos to watch, that’ll convince you that it must be a huge problem.

But look at the data. 300+million police interactions a year, these cases of murder and brutality are actually fairly low.

And race doesn’t play a big role either.

Social media makes you believe these things are more prevalent than they are.

We should be protesting environmentally damaging companies, international human rights abuses. There are important things out there that need attention. We are by far one of the least racist nations on Earth. The system is not racist, it’s set up to be pretty damn equal when you look at it.

I blame media and social media for causing the distraction and focus on issues that are far less important and concerning when it comes to being a human on Earth.

Instead of using the quarantine and floyd death as unifying events to allow us to focus on the really important things, family, friends, love. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated into seeing these events as a reason to divide ourselves and fight with our neighbors.

The internet and specifically social media has turned us into a country of pissy little brats that look for any reason to fight. We’re like bratty teen girls that have it all and still bitch and whine about how horrible life is.

Why is cultural appropriation a bad thing?

I thought that’s what made us such a great country. Being a badass blend of all these cultures. Having all these different cuisines. A mismash, a melting pot of all the great cultures. And suddenly, a white chef cooking Mexican food is a bad thing and he’s a thief. Stealing culture from the Mexicans. Regardless that he spent years training and learning the ancestral techniques and immersed himself in that culture.

How stupid can we get?

There are kids having their heads cut off on the other side of the world for speaking up, and we’re worried about statues?

You want to know what’s actually holding back the black community? Single un wed motherhood, and the lack of any father figures. The data is there.

So solutions?

Stronger communities, educational options, and eventually self responsibility.

They all rely on the government they hate and don’t trust to come in and fix everything but eventually the only thing that can save anything is themselves. 

Want to fix your crappy neighborhood? You need to overload it with cops. Cops bring down crime. When it’s crime free, people and businesses will invest in the area.

Defunding the police and removing them from your community is counterproductive. You’re just hurting yourself and your children’s future.

If I was truly a jerk, I would just sit back and smile as they destroy themselves, all the while thinking they are doing the opposite.

I dont partake in social media, how much do I miss out on? I no longer watch the news. How much have I missed? I occasionally get a peek at what’s going on but I dont soak in it and allow it to make me angry anymore.

I find it crazy that social media is overtaking caffeine as the most widely used and abused addictive thing in America.

No matter the damage it does, people can’t stop. Its an unconscious drive. It was specifically built this way.

It’s destroying everything. There are people that are paid to spread misinformation and attempt to manipulate the masses through social media. How disgusting is that?

If that doesn’t just make you want to quit right there then at least it’ll make you see just how addictive it is.

The same algorithms used for personalized advertising are used for providing personalized sources, facts, memes, videos. This is a manipulation. The same way Google manipulates results. You see what they want you to see, or what the algorithm decides is in your best interest.

How is this further manipulated? There are people whose job it is to fool the algorithm or manipulate it into producing the results they want. Isn’t that basically SEO? Same premise.

I think it’s a problem that most choose to ignore because they weigh it against the pros they believe are beneficial to them from social media

But honestly from a standard personal user experience, what benefits are people gaining?

I’m really asking. I don’t follow social media so there may be new things I’m not aware of.

Like the issues I worry about as far as privacy and data, you can see they slightly bother her (mom) but she brushes it off.

I see it as the same mentality we have as teens. It can’t happen to me, invincibility. They feel secure and comforted somehow.

So how is it that a company like Facebook can continually break the trust of users concerning personal data and yet people are so entranced that they simply ignore it and continue to use it?

I believe that that company could murder babies and people would still use the product.

That’s simply amazing and hats off to accomplishing such a feat. It has ethical and moral issues but what an incredible implementation.

Advertising businesses have been trying to and slightly succeeding at psychological, uh blanking on a word here, but you get what I mean.

As much as I dislike social media, and fake news, etc

I’m amazed and intrigued by how it’s done. Ethics and morals aside, is it not simply incredible?

Like the russians playing the long con, misinformation game

But the depth the hooks of Facebook and Twitter have and their influence on the entire global community.

Especially Facebook. The psychology of Facebook. I wonder what studies I could find on that.

Regis would be upset for sure.

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