Diagnosing What is Wrong

by Dave Jackson

There is a little red light on the dash of my Mazda that should be off. It is telling me there is a problem with the electrical system. I am happy and grateful they have these “dummy lights” because I’d be facing bigger challenges without them.

This one happened to pop on last night when out for a Sunday evening drive with the family. Electrical things started shutting down like the dash lights, the radio, headlights were dimming. But because I already noticed the battery light, I could safely make it home. (Well, ok maybe not so safe the last mile where I had to turn the headlights off so the car wouldn’t die.)

I’m getting the car diagnosed at a Tuffy Auto Service Center. They’ve helped me before with brakes. When you can find out what the issue is quickly you are one step closer to fixing it and having it run as designed.

The same issue applies to your body. When you get a warning, which frequently come in the form of aches and pains, it is time to do some diagnosis.  Quickly find out what the issue is before the problem is compounded.

Promise me you will take the time this week to get the pain checked out. Find the source and don’t cover up the pain.

It’s the warning light on the dashboard of your body.

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