Don’t Stress Out Over It

by Dave Jackson

morning routineOne thing that I see stresses friends and family to the max is just living day to day putting out fires.

I want you to think about that statement.  Putting out fires.  Is that what you do?

Do you get up with a routine, knowing what happens to be done, but having no plan?

Before you click away, I don’t mean something so regimented that it takes away your “free” spirit.  Just the opposite.  This is something that actually liberates you.

Yesterday I chatted on MSN (I’m dave at on there) with a friend who admitted he loved working for a paycheck.  And the more we got into the conversation, I could see that what he really loved was the freedom from stressing out over what had to be done.  Go into a job, punch your timecard, get a coffee, and see what has to be done that day.  Putting out the little fires.

Is that what you really want out of life?  And there is a sense of security in that.  Yes, even when others who pitch their lifestyles to you, telling you that many who have had corporate jobs forever have found themselves unemployed, you look at your job and find security in that.  It’s OK.  Don’t stress.

The question you have to ask yourself is whether what you’re doing is getting you any closer to what you had in mind for life?  It may be… slowly.

Take two things away from this today, OK?  First, I don’t know about you, but for me, the best way to stop living putting out fires, stressing out all day, is to plan.  Now I didn’t go out and buy a planner, but I do have one of those 99 cent composition books beside my bed, and I know where it is at any given time.  I write things in it.  Plans.  Things I know I want to get done.  And it works.  Something about that writing down stuff.

Next, don’t stress out about it.  I find that making my “plans” about helping other people in life make it fun and worth doing.  It’s not all about me, then.  It’s how I can help others.  That’s the main reason for this website.  I’m hoping it helps others…somehow.  I don’t stress out about it.

Plan and help others.  Hey, a good motto.  Think about it.

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Dave Jackson March 15, 2010 - 8:37 am

Haha, I just noticed my Composition Book is under my arm in this photo. See… I keep it close. Right now I am sketching out plans to create an online video tutorial on how to create a business website very easily.


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