Don’t Use Anything But a Laser Suit

by Dave Jackson

Yesterday NBC was showing the Olympic Team Trials in swimming and Michael Phelps set a World Record.  But that wasn’t the coolest thing of the afternoon in Omaha.  Heavy winds tore the siding off the building a day earlier and rains sent tons of water to clog drains.  Still they got the place ready for Sunday’s event.

But what totally blew me away was Rowdy Gaines, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, and now NBC commentator, answered the question on the air about the new-fangled Speedo Laser RACER swimsuit that almost everyone was using.

Rowdy claimed that yes, the swimsuit was tight and the seams supposedly sewn by laser, and that the look and feel was perfect for the swimmers, but that wasn’t the most important part.  There is even a zipper that goes up the back, making the corset-like suit fit even tighter.  He said it took him 20 minutes to put one on. Yet he said the suit was not what helped the swimmers break world records or swim faster than they had ever before.

Gaines, born in Winter Haven, Florida, said that when swimmers put that suit on, they “think” they can swim faster.  The suit gives them that power that they need, mentally.  So, he said, it totally prepares them mentally.  If they think they can swim faster – they will.

And I thought that was SO good that I paused the Tivo and replayed it for myself, and my son who was watching and texting his friend in Australia (can’t kids stop for a sec?).  It was powerful and is powerful.  It’s just a synthetic suit – nothing more.  But mentally, it’s a lot more.

So today, as much as I’d like to fit in a Laser suit, I am going to gather around me the things that make me “think” I can go farther, do more and be better at it.  And that’s my wish for you, today, too.  Find your Laser suit and put it on and believe it will make you do what you need to do to win your Gold.

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