Doors of Opportunity

by Dave Jackson

Life is really fun and amazing when play full out. Doors will open when you keep your level of belief up. I simply love Nevill Goddard. He reminds us not to infect our future by having thoughts in the present about the past.

Let’s break that down because it’s a useful and can change your life.

We all have mistakes, bad judgements we made and they are in our past and serve to teach us. What we tend to do is bring these errors to our present by dwelling on them. Goddard is saying that this infects what you have going on currently and of course that messes up your future.

But it not only has to do with thought; what you’re thinking right now. Infection takes place when you put feeling to those thoughts. For example, you’re having s great day and life sends you a reminder of an unpleasant experience, instead of not giving energy to that thought you begin to dwell on it and wonder why it happened. You begin to feel feelings of hurt and strong emotion.

imageLook, I know it’s difficult not to let these infecting thoughts enter our current plane. But it’s possible to drop them. Here’s how:

A few years ago I was studying Joe Vitale and how he was manifesting desires. I had a mantra I did on my morning jog. It was empowering and fun. I still use it a lot when I need something. But as I jogged I noticed how thoughts would pop out of nowhere into my current thought. And easier still how one thought led to another. Before I knew it, I was daydreaming.

To break that pattern, I simply said the word “cut!”, like a producer does in a movie. And that would get my thoughts back on my mantra and what I wanted. Use your own version of “cut” when you feel you’re bringing bad emotion from the past into your present.

As you do this, you’ll see how doors of opportunity for you will open. You’re not binding them back with negative energy or thought. In fact, without restriction of your negative feelings things will flow rapidly to you bringing you more energy!

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Rhonda Y May 2, 2013 - 7:41 am

This is good! The Bible tells us to think on those things which are lovely, pure, just, of a good rapport. And, that we need to take every thought captive! Thanks for giving practical application of this positive thinking idea!


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