by Dave Jackson

Enslavement happens when you become dependent on something. Let’s face it; we’re all dependent on something… so we are all enslaved. But you don’t want to be enslaved in what will prevent you from being your best.

Listening to the word of anyone who in your heart you know is going to lead you down the wrong path to possible enslavement, is dangerous.

You know your heart says no, but you mind and feelings don’t want to be the bad guy about the matter. Don’t cave in. Man up (or woman-up) and be the person you need to be. You will regret choosing that path.

Don’t play a victim. You’re enslaving yourself. Simply take responsibility for you. You got you into this by your crazy decisions. Say so. Own it. Change. From this moment on be who you need to be and don’t look back. Don’t care what others may think.

Do you wake up on your days off and simply chill? Weren’t you the one admiring the freedom others have? You’re too comfortable. You love the extra hour in bed. You have a dozen excuses why you must do what you’re doing instead of what you need to do to gain your freedom.

Take the hard path, instead. This is the path to freedom, abundance and power. You already have the map. People have already walked the path. What is holding you back? Many things? Lazy?

Each day get better at walking the path. Drop what you don’t need. Get up earlier. Move the TV to another room. Make it difficult for you to do anything but work on your system to set you free. You are worth it.

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