Fake It Till You Make It

by Dave Jackson

I don’t like the way that sounds – fake it until you make it – because it sounds like you’re trying to be dishonest about yourself.  But are you?  Can you be?

The answer to the second question is, Certainly!  It’s called acting!  And we ALL do it in some shape or form.  In everything we do when we are in the presence of another person, and when we feel we are communicating in some way with God or anything else, we put on a facade that allows us to project how we want the person or, funny in a way, God, to see us.

Many things make up the way we will change that “person” we become.  For example, if we’re trying to entice a neighbor to look at an opportunity we are in, we will treat them with respect and go overboard to be nice.  We will act different when they respond to our offer.

We strive to be cool, for the most part, but many times we just act acceptable only because we have no standard to live by, or to act by.

So when someone tells you to Fake It Till You Make It – you really need to know – Fake What?  What am I supposed to be living up to?  And this standard can be seen in all of the better corporations and families who take the time to teach their kids a mission statement to live by.  Two companies come to mind, both Apple Computers and Starbucks Coffee.  When you walk into an Apple store, you’re met by employees who stick to a high standard.  Same at Starbucks.  Their training is constant.

Are they like that at home?

No.  But the person they put on at work fits the workplace.  And that’s what you can do when you’re working your opportunity, too.  But where the Fake It part comes in is where you are told to act as if you’ve achieved a certain level in your business or in life.

I’ve heard this called “self-concept” or “ideal-self.”  And tomorrow I’m going to tell you how you can use this philosophy to your advantage.  So don’t miss that.  We’ll do a little dream work and an exercise in getting clarity.  And the timing in your life couldn’t be better, right?

See you then.

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