Fighting Feeling Down or Depressed

by Dave Jackson

This is better than meditation. This is one step I recently incorporated into my ebook on living that I use and is the step that I teach others the most. The reason it is so successful is because it is so doggone easy and everybody can easily relate to it.

If you’ve ever been to a convention or around a group of people with a common cause, you know how easy it is to get pumped up and feel like you’re walking on clouds – invincible! And that can last anywhere from a day to a lifetime, depending on you. The biggest challenge is that “life gets in the way” and you don’t know how to defuse that so you slowly give in to the path of least resistance.

We are wired that way because I suppose God wants us to work to succeed. Like seeds struggling to break through the hard topsoil, not all is without effort.

People get confused when they hear that living in the zone, or on your path, or doing your purpose, that the journey is easy. That is true in part. It is smooth and natural and life expands to bring you more in tune to your calling. But like the seed, even though there is a purpose and direction and the knowledge of where to go, it doesn’t mean it’s without effort. So when there is pressure in life, don’t give up. Don’t think you’re suddenly on the wrong path. Check yourself, your thoughts – it is probably you growing through experience to get to the next level where God wants you.

Here’s how to fight feeling down or depressed, and how to turn things around when you feel hopeless, or when a bad thought seems to perpetuate in your mind:

Grab a 3″ x 5″ card and sit at table with no distractions and grab your pencil. This exercise should take only a few moments, but will benefit you the rest of your life.

Now I want you to think back on times in your life when you had huge success. Can you see that? Perhaps when you won a challenge because you were the best, or when you got up and spoke to a group and they cheered you because you were so inspiring. Maybe it was helping someone overcome their fears. Or it could be how you put together a totally cool business model that made you a bunch of money. It can be anything that made you feel on top of the world and you remember how you walked differently, carried yourself differently and could take on anything.

Write that moment down on your card. In fact, try real hard to think of a few of these grand moments in your life. You at the top of your game, where everything you did worked out right. You were in sync with it, harmony.

See these moments in your mind and feel the way you felt when they were taking place. People smiling at you, congratulating you, calling you. See where you were, the lighting, the sounds, the smells. Think of what you did later to celebrate yourself. Jot down a few of these points on your card so you can easily recall them.

By now you know what the card is for. That’s right – it’s to pull out and look at when you’re feeling at the bottom of your game. This really works as it tells the mind that you CAN do it, you HAVE done it and YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!

You have greatness within you. You have Deity in you. So take the card and fold it over and carry it with you. If it’s too big for your purse or wallet, simply write this out on paper. This is what you will use when those thoughts come creeping into your mind. You will relive these events and your mind will instantly be taken there.

And guess what? Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between feeling it in your mind and actually experiencing it, so the more you dwell on your success, the better. You will start attracting greatness simply by reliving something in your past, and you’ll stop attracting depressing thoughts.

Let me know if you’re on board with this and start using it immediately!

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