Following a System

by Dave Jackson

The circus starts at 6 PM. The ticket stub says Lee Civic Center. I know that’s in Lee County, but I live in Collier County. So how do I find out where Lee Civic Center is?

Okay, you say without thinking, use the Internet!

And so Google, here we come again, and viola! there’s a small map of the Lee Civic Center. I immediately remember where it is. Just to the left of the road, near where we take the boat to go wakeboarding.

So, how is this “following a system”?

To follow any system, from learning something new, to how to become the president of an organization, you need a map. Now the map can be as simple as a list, or as complicated as a book of items from A to Z.

The map to the Civic Center is part of the system for me to get to the circus. If I don’t refer to it, I’ll not be following the system, and I’ll end up driving around in the right direction (I know where Lee County is), but, most likely, by the time I get near the Civic Center, the circus will be over. I didn’t follow the system.

Systems make you go faster.

Pioneers, I’ll call them, paved the way before you and left maps. Many left maps AND guidebooks. Surely you’ve seen the Fodor’s Travel Guides. They are used for getting the best out of a trip. You could even have a list of the same places visited within a city, say San Diego, and without the book, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy visiting to the same extent as you would with the guide.

Now, why is that?

Because travel professionals have paved the way and researched the tips and treats of the land. And they left them in a book, so you could enjoy – if only you read and follow their advice!

Quite possibly your company has a system in place that many pioneers with the company have created and detailed for you and your team to follow. I encourage you to follow this even if you’ve been with the company for a bit and are experiencing a little success. The chances are great you will experience much more success with something that has been tried and proven by the masters of the company.

If your company has no system, what to do? Randy Gage speaks about creating a system. You can find out how to create a system in materials sold on his site, Most important of everything people discuss on this point – keep it duplicatable.

So, here’s what would be in a simple system: how to prospect, how to present, how to duplicate. Of course, how to enroll doesn’t hurt either.

Say, it’s almost time to get ready for the circus. I’ll post some observations on that later. Until then, write down your system. Practice it. Teach it. And, don’t forget to “do” it.

Happy Prospecting!

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Redd Mage September 26, 2005 - 11:52 am

Interesting thought. I’ve always believed in being the one to make the system… created the path that others follow. Or at least if they don’t follow, create it anyway. I suppose you are right in a way- systems are in place for a reason. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be challenged 😉

Great blog!

Dave September 28, 2005 - 11:20 am

Hello Redd,

YES! Agreed! Just like anything else, a system is simply a “technique” and techniques change as we progress. Someone will always find a better mousetrap.

But to wander aimlessly is failure in motion.

Thanks for your comment.


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