Frustrations Are Temporary

by Dave Jackson
Silver for Federer - London 2012 Olympics

Roger Federer was having one of those days – just as Maria Sharapova did a day earlier. Back at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, all Olympians know that the game in their head is just as critical, if not more so, than any other piece in the makeup of winning. Here are hundreds of humans involved in competition, struggling with a temporary mindset as they strive towards the permanence of an Olympic medal.

Silver for Federer - London 2012 OlympicsWhen I watched the tennis match at Wimbledon I could see Roger Federer struggling to keep up with someone many consider a lesser player – Britain’s Andy Murray. Yes, Andy had the home court advantage, complete with the grassy knoll at Wimbledon re-named the “Murray Mound.” The cheers assisted his mindset, and corroded that of Federer.

For Serena Williams, who won individual woman’s Gold against Sharapova, it seemed she was hungrier for it. But I’m sure that Sharapova wanted it just as bad.

So what was it that made Federer who won Wimbledon a few weeks earlier, lose to Murray and Williams come out victorious over Sharapova?

I just think some days you’re not “on” and many, many factors can interfere. Yes, I believe it’s mostly your mindset – especially as you begin to get behind – you fall into a state of wondering if you can catch back up and then your mind starts telling you that you can’t – you doubt.

But I want to let you know we all have bad days – even some that we thought were going to be happy and excellent days – life throws us some curves and we deal with them. Know that frustration is temporary. You go to God with it and get spiritual help to guide you through.

I truly believe we are destined to go down some paths of frustration to enable us to learn valuable lessons we would not learn otherwise. Certainly God knows this and knows our desires. It just makes sense to trust the Creator of the Universe with our lives.

Does this mean that none of the medals from the Olympics mean much? That some were just having better days than others?

Hahaha – I suppose you could look at it that way. The level of competition is so high at the Olympics anymore, that many times it does boil down to who was having a better day – who can control their mind game – who is the more disciplined. BUT – know that even those parameters vary wildly. For example – we know Federer has high discipline and wanted that medal! But that day in London it wasn’t to be.

The great thing is he knows what I’m telling you: It’s not the end of the world and you deal with it. Life goes on and you learn from it. It’s….temporary.

Strive for the permanent goals in your life and know that depression, lack, frustration, loneliness, pain… are all temporary and can be overcome. Stay on your path towards your goal and overcome these challenges by getting the help you need by asking God for the “how.” It is no surprise to Him and He’s got the answer you seek.

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