Gentlemen are Patient

by Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson
My flight is delayed so I can write a few lines.

Guys. Probably the biggest thing that will get you in trouble with a woman at any stage is your ego. Ugh! It pops up in the most crazy places and at the most insane time. You’ll find yourself thinking, then doing things you will look back at with regret. Stop.

Remember how “childish” you thought some people were? Women who acted like preschoolers when you didn’t call or text, or deleted you from Facebook when you didn’t do something they wanted? Don’t fall into the same trap. You are valuable and more mature than that. It’s a slippery slope when your mind starts thinking one thing and you manifest that into something she experiences: a voicemail, email, words in person, or the excommunication on social media.

When you believe you are spiraling downhill, you are. But, it’s not too late to recover. How can you become more attractive? Keep up the gentleman persona. Don’t lapse into being needy or anything that has you drooling for attention. The man that attracts a great woman knows what he wants and speaks boldly, but is a gentleman in all aspects, no matter what he is faced with.

A gentleman doesn’t spy or look for problems. This means don’t go researching her friends or trying to figure out her photos online. We don’t do that. That is in the past and doesn’t matter. (If it did matter, there is nothing you can do about it and will only cause you, and quite possibly her, heartache down the road.) A gentleman has an agenda and lives it. There is no reaction. Just his wonderful personality.

I love what the Spirit has done in my own life because this is very attractive: Slow to answer, and wise. The wisdom comes from thinking before saying anything. What a gift this “delay”, to allow you to write your feelings about the events today.

A gentleman takes things a day at a time and lives in the present. He knows how to have fun and lives accordingly. He makes it all about the woman. He has expectations of the whole relationship yet does not judge or require explanations.

I love my life. This journey is absolutely magical. Keep on track. Be you. Don’t get distracted. Life loves you. Enjoy each moment. Breathe deep. Exhale. It’s so great!

Peace and Love,

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