Ginger Wants What Tastes Good

by Dave Jackson

This morning was a little strange.  The south sky was clear, but there were gusts coming off the Everglades with a tinge of misty rain.  I knew we were seeing the effects of Hurricane Ike, which a week ago had me planning to spend tonight and Wednesday inland.  The beach on the Gulf of Mexico is a few minutes walk from the front door.  And I don’t own hurricane shutters.  So far, they haven’t been necessary.

But since God decided Ike should head further west, we were once again blessed.  And so tomorrow will be another great day in paradise with our beautiful home and wonderful daughter and pets.  By the way, Rachel has a few fun videos up at YouTube.  You can look for them here.

Now our dog, Ginger, (who stars in one of the videos), has become finicky lately.  And it’s all our fault.  We fall into the trap of looking into those begging eyes and know what we are eating just has to be better than dog food (even Life Abundance).  So every once in a while there goes an “accidental” scrap on the floor which Ginger quickly takes care of.

If we could get her to eat dust… well, that’s another story.

The dog food bowl in the kitchen that sits just to the left of the dishwasher is half full.  She doesn’t scoot it, or even visit it unless she is really hungry.  I wish I could go that long without food – and see it and not want it.  But we’re made differently.

So now it’s rough – we see the eyes, but know we’re not really doing the dog any good by giving her our food.  Sure she wants what tastes good, but the food created for her is designed to give her exactly what she needs.

But who wants exactly what they need?  The Isrealites had a tough time with it in the wilderness.  Many times in nature we find things are both good for us and taste good.  We think it’s rare, but what has really happened is that we’ve allowed ourselves to become accustomed to other tastes.  I’m sure you’ve run into this when you visit someone from another culture.  They have foods that they love and you can hardly gag it down.  Why is that?

It’s because they have developed a taste for those things.  I think back to the Garden of Eden and what it must have been like there.  But I also believe there is an evil side in this world who wants us to taste different things and get off the wagon.

Well, I could go on and on about what we really should be eating, and wouldn’t that create a healthy debate?  But I have planned a session on the Law of Attraction that I want you to have and I am anxious to get that to you.

Have a great day – remember to stay with things that are “long-term” good for you.  Stay away from the short term.  It can be a killer – long term.

Talk soon,

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