Giving Yourself Permission

by Dave Jackson

There is a real cool thing in learning the law of attraction that is called giving yourself permission.  And this is something I really had a challenge with because I was brought up to believe that we weren’t really worthy of much.  I don’t blame my parents.  It was more of a cultural kind of thing.  Just the way people believed in that sphere of influence.

Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about.  I probably should explain just what giving yourself permission means.

There are a lot of times that we feel we could enjoy life more if we had this or that – mainly more money so we could do grand things – but even non-money related things, such as when someone gives us a gift, or we are chosen as a leader, or an honor is bestowed on us.  And we don’t know how to accept it initially – or sometimes not at all.  We don’t “allow” ourselves to have.

When I was growing up, the part about being humble was taken to the extreme and sometimes we thought we had to act like rugs and let people walk all over and take advantage of us.  I guess this comes from misinterpreting “turn the other cheek.”  I no longer believe this way.

It’s sort of like wanting to take grandma to see your kid’s sports game but they don’t want to go because it will be too much trouble.  And so they miss out on all the joy and happiness of watching their grandchild simply because they thought (mistakenly) that they’d be a burden to someone.

And this doesn’t mean going to the other extreme and taking advantage of people by making yourself a nuisance out of selfishness.  It means accepting when something is sent your way – for you – you take it in and it is yours.  Rejecting it causes these things to no longer come.  When you open yourself up, give yourself permission to have, then these things begin to flow into your life.

You rob joy by not giving yourself permission.  You rob the giver and you rob your blessing.

So what I want you to do today is to let yourself have what is dutifully yours.  It belongs to you and has your name on it.  Think of it as part of what David was talking about in Psalm 23.  The goodness and mercy following you.  Don’t reject that when it appears – just because you feel you don’t deserve.  You DO deserve.

Do you like learning about this?  If so, do me the kindness of leaving me a comment below.  I really get juiced to see what you think of these things and it helps me to better help you.

Talk soon,

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Kimberly September 16, 2008 - 4:04 pm

You’re so right, Dave! And it’s such an easy lesson that’s sometimes (and more often than not) difficult to learn! Compliments were a big thing for me, for a long time. Not sure why, however I dismissed (or negated) nearly every one that came my way–“THIS shirt?! Aw, this old thing? It has a torn seam right here . . . ” or “That’s really nice of you to say that. Especially since I know I look less than stellar now,” or “Really, it was no big deal. I don’t deserve the credit; (So-And-So) is the real inspiration behind the new campaign.”
Then, with the support of a great team of friends and a life coach, I started to say “Thank you, it’s true,” after each compliment I received. Man, was that SO hard! Not only did it feel like I was being arrogant, however the “It’s true” piece coming out of my lips made me reaffirm what others already saw! After a while, it became easier, and now I know–I do deserve each compliment sent my way! Why, because they are all true! So just like any other gift given to me, I can now accept the compliments, feel good about who I am, and more enthusiastically build others up as well! Give it a whirl–“Thank you, it’s true!”

Dave September 17, 2008 - 7:27 pm

Thanks, Kimberly. I believe you absolutely shut off the flow when you don’t accept what is for you. Even as much as refusing to let someone pay for your lunch sends a message that you feel you don’t deserve.



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