Great Expectations

by Dave Jackson

One of the biggest joys is sharing my experiences with people open to hear. I believe it’s a crime to have the creator of the universe guiding you through every moment of your life and keep those experiences to yourself. Indeed, I further believe that you may not experience near as much mainly because the journey is designed to be shared. True, some things are meant for you alone.

Recently a friend posted on Facebook they were going to manifest something using the power of intent. Now, this is someone I did not know held this sort of mindset. So, I asked them if they had started reading some new thought book, trying to figure how they would make such a statement. The key word is “manifest”. This is the same as create. And as we all know but most seldom believe God actually gave us the ability to create, I was curious about my friend.

Yes, they were exposed to some ideas about how our thoughts become things and we immediately talked for an hour, simply exchanging views about manifesting and how the process works. It was as if we both had the same hobby.

When I come home from one of my international trips as a flight attendant, my desire is to catch up on my sleep. And honestly, I do just that. After waking and getting my daughter off to school, I hop right back in my warm bed, not even touching my iPhone or iPad. This is me time; time to recharge. And I sleep until I’m done. This is the beginning of a perfect day. I fully intend it. And I am so full of energy throughout the day.

The main energy buster is negative energy, or the opposite of love. You may say that you’re burdened down with what has to be done for the day. Many of us take on way much and live a cluttered life. I love taking care of me and my kids to the extent I can and am living a life in a minimalistic way so they, too, can enjoy life. Impossible? Intend otherwise.

We have started a few awesome traditions at my home this year and I’m exited to share them with you. We have family time almost every night, whether this involves gathering in the den and watching American Idol, or doing some fun research on the computer. Sometimes we check out new technologies, especially those which keep us connected. And a second new tradition is one you can join us on if you’re in the Naples area. We have been pretty faithful about getting down to the beach to see the sunset each evening… And it’s spectacular off the Gulf Coast of Florida. We chat in the car on five minute drive to parking. And then have a great time people watching and looking out for the famous green flash!

And finally let me tell you to expect greatness. It’s just how I want you to begin to intend things in the world. You deserve greatness and it is there for everyone. But not only intend it, take the first step as if you believe in your heart that is normal for you. Why? This causes the whole universe to wake up and join forces with you. By committing in some real and tangible way, things will open up for you and happen miraculous ways.

Keep in touch!

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