Guarding Your Mind

by Dave Jackson

It is SO refreshing to hear some of these life principles again as I begin this new year by revisiting what got me into coaching.  There is absolutely so much information on how to awesome this year and this decade that you cannot use the excuse that there isn’t a good system or a map to get you there.  Ya just can’t!  But you have to been keen on who to listen to and what to do with what you hear or read.

The best analogy I know for this is thinking of the information that you’re tapping into as a supermarket.  You go in and see thousands of items on the shelves.  There are sections you didn’t know existed.  And it may take you hours to go through the store, but don’t just shop near the front – dive in and take a look at everything.

Of course you’re going to use a shopping cart; you want to be able to take some away – get what you need.  And that’s the next part about this analogy.  You’re certainly not going to go into the store and take everything in it.  Your cart won’t hold it and you’ll never be able to use it all, anyway.

It’s the same with self-improvement.  You just can’t listen to everything and read everything – but you can check it out.  Go through books, listen to audios, Google the person, see if there are some videos you can see on YouTube to get an idea of how this person really is.  Maybe you don’t want to take them home with you!  So like a supermarket  – take what you need and leave the rest on the shelf.

That’s one way to guard your mind and lay down a strategy of acheiving your goals this year; find the teachers that you feel good about.  That’s super important.  You know who they are when you start listening to them.  Your values align with theirs.  And you get a good feeling about them and what they teach.

Happiness should be almost at the top of your list for this decade.  Strive for it.  It can come by simply being grateful for what you have and what you can do with what you have.

Circumstances and other humans can get you off track easily, if you let them.  What ever you focus on, you attract.  So focus on what you want.  If you are in less than desirable circumstances, focus on where you want to be.  And make the area where you work reflect that feeling.

If people are dragging you down and off-track, don’t listen to them.  Spend more time listening to people who are like you want to be, and less time listening to people who zap your energy, or throw you off course.  Protect what you hear.  Protect what you read.  Protect what you do.

I made a decision this year to stop listening to talk radio.  Even though I was a huge fan, worked as a talk show host in the Dallas/Fort Worth market for over 15 years, I don’t believe dwelling on what they say is where I want to be thinking this year.  I’m looking for what inspires and makes me better, and listening to talk radio is debatable, I know, but there are only 24 hours in my day.  That’s just a choice – if you’re a diehard fan, maybe you can’t do without.

Protect what you want to become.  Don’t wait.  Do it for you!

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