Happy New Year!!

by Dave Jackson

Happy New Year!

Off to a great start. I not only slept like a baby, but enjoyed time propped up in bed meditating. Of all days, January first seemed quite appropriate to give thanks. And so I did. And, I hope you did, too.

The very first thing you should do is deep breathing. This will get you in a restful state and is simply excellent for the body. You may even fall asleep again. That’s fine too. Breathe deeply for a few minutes and at the same time put your mind at rest.

Next, think consciously about your heart rate, and your heart sine. You’ll want to lower your heart rate and make your heart beat, the sine wave, as clean as possible. I’m talking a clean and beautiful looking wave. This is important because your heart puts out a large magnetic force that connects with everything. So think stress free and worry free here.

Stay in state giving thanks for everything that comes to your mind.

When I was done with this I started my day. I thought about yesterday and how fun it was to connect with my friends around the world. At the same time I made sure we were well stocked with bubbly to welcome in the new year.

After the clock struck midnight and 2013 was history, we played classic videos on YouTube and danced into the morning and we also recorded for youtube with a camera we got from the great list of cameras here.

One thing I’ve always suggested is to hydrate like crazy after alcohol consumption. This hydrates the cells and moves the toxins along. It will decrease swelling of the cranial membrane so you won’t have that dull hangover headache. So to make it interesting for me, I add a packet of emergenC. It has 1,000 mg of vitamin C and a good portion minerals. All good for recovery.

Well today I had to head to New York for work and I take JetBlue from Fort Myers, Florida to JFK. I called to make my reservation and guess what? People are traveling in droves to get home after the holidays and are leveraging the usefulness of these Airbnb promos . The agent said my flight had one seat left. As a flight attendant I travel on standby, so this was interesting news. I began to check other options; Delta, US Air, and even American.

The agent at the ticket counter at JetBlue was incredibly accommodating, to the point that I felt she was spending much time trying to help me find a way to get to work so I could fly my Rio flight tonight. After much research, she smiled and with a twinkle in her eye she said, “Stay positive. There is one seat open. You’ll get it.”

Deep inside I felt I would! But this agent was sent from God. So much time checking the computer and running to the back office to check passenger loads. How could this not be Spirit conspiring on my behalf?

But as human as I am, I wandered over to Delta’s ticket counter and asked how their 4 PM departure looked. 19 seats open. Seriously? Oh ye of little faith. I am blessed.

Of course I made it on the JetBlue flight but let me tell you what happened that makes this day even crazier. I am using my son’s portable battery for my iPhone. Love it. When my iPhone dies, I plug that baby in and in a short while I’m back up and running. Well, I looked my watch when I took my seat in the terminal and thought, nice… I have enough time to charge something. I plugged the portable battery in. In the meantime I went to the counter to check on my flight to JFK. I got a seat!!!

They called boarding and I was on my way. Yes!! Got into my seat and was chatting with the flight attendant about my Rio flight when it dawned point me I had my portable battery in the seating area at the gate, charging. But guess what? I knew all would work out fine, somehow. You get a calm feeling you’re being taken care of. And I felt that.

I worked my way back to the boarding door, wading through passengers to reach the gate agent who could run get the charger and battery.

I have the battery and am so grateful for these people who assist me with everything. Special.

Okay, my JetBlue flight is landing. I am cold! But not complaining. I made it to New York for my trip tonight.

Let me hear from you. If you are enjoying these posts, please me know.

Love ya!

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