Have You Seen “I Am” – Jim Carrey?

by David Jackson
Tom Shadyac

Is there a movie called, “I Am” around anywhere? By the producer of a lot of Jim Carrey movies?

Like the docu series that are biographies. I am, Heath Ledger, I am Chris Farley etc?

No. It’s something he did after he had a bad biking accident. It’s about him.

Why are comedians so sad?

It was a typical Saturday on the shores of Hawaii when Jim Carrey learned he had 10 minutes to live.

An emergency alert had been sent to the state’s residents saying a ballistic missile was on its way and everyone was to seek immediate shelter.

The 2018 message was an error, the result of an employee hitting the wrong button, but there was no way for the Golden Globe-winning star to know that as his assistant tearfully explained over FaceTime that they were done for.

“She was crying and she was saying, ‘Chief, the missiles are coming. It’s real, and we have 10 minutes before they hit from North Korea,’” Carrey told USA TODAY. “We had no idea that it was a false missile alert, so to us, it was happening.”

It was during this call when his assistant, in her panic, hit a wrong button herself, capturing a screenshot of Carrey’s face as he learned of his impending doom. Rather than have the image erased, Carrey found a better use for it – on the cover of his new book.

Cool tidbit there…

“That cover is somebody staring at infinity, staring at eternity,” Carrey said. “And it wasn’t panic. It was more the feeling of, ‘Wow, that’s weird. Huh. That’s how it’s gonna end? Strange.’”

Unfortunately the reviews for the book aren’t that great. But what do online critics know? I think they misunderstood the book. It’s sounds like its a peek into Carrey’s mind, which if you’ve ever seen interviews with the man then you will know it’s not going to be on point all the time, it’s erratic. Most hyper comedians are like this! Hard to hold conversations with sometimes lol.

Another real worry represented in Carrey’s book involves the pressures of fame. In one passage, Carrey, after seeing images of John Lennon’s corpse online, makes himself up before bed so his dead body would be fit for the public eye, should he perish in his sleep.

“That’s a very weird thing to know about yourself,” Carrey said. “That when I die, someone is going to take a picture on the operating table and sell it.”

That is a weird realization, I can agree with that. Haha.

For the love of God, I’ve been searching Jim Carrey movies and you’re looking for a movie done by Tom Shadyac. No wonder I couldn’t find it…. Why does this seem to happen so often when we request movies hahahaha! D’oh!

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