How Can I Be Braver?

by Dave Jackson

I study animals a lot, mostly because I was raised in the sticks in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. It was just a part of life living among them because for the most part, we were in their territory. The folks that helped Mom and Dad with their house simply cleared a place out of the jungle and put up the mud and plaster walls.

And when you first arrive in a place like that, you notice things. Now you’re probably thinking from the title of this article that I’m going to talk about me being braver, and I’ll get to that in a sec, but I want to first focus on how most of the jungle animals were designed to survive by being brave.

Most of them won’t give up on anything they do.

Boldness is such a necessary part of being courageous, but you just can’t be bold and hope for the best. That gets even the best jungle animal killed. I watched these critters assess their surroundings and make some pretty intelligent choices. And studies have shown that this boldness over time builds a wonderful habit of courage.

A few animals will sit and wait it out, but most of them take action and try to find a quick route to escape or a better path to capture their lunch. This SO applies to you and me you won’t believe it.

When I counsel anyone who is in a downward spiral, nine times out of ten they have been pretty much motionless for the past month or so. That leads to depression and hopelessness. But with action, almost any action taken, turns into great results. We’re wired to keep moving!

Take any nature – persistence, love, courtesy, courage, integrity – and if you act boldly with them, unseen forces will come to your aid. Try it.

Do jungle animals know the score every time. You already know the answer to that one. But they do take a huge leap of faith when they decide to move. This develops courage. Listen – every great venture in the history of man has begun with faith and a giant leap into the unknown.

Who said – There is no security in life, only opportunity – ?

Babson College conducted a study of successful entrepreneurs over 12 years. Have you heard about this? The conclusion was that they all had in common the willingness to launch, step out in faith. Once they started, they took time to learn the lessons they needed to succeed. Almost all of them ended up successful – but in different businesses than where they started.

Are you going to be bold today? Are you going to stretch yourself? Maybe call that person who has been on your mind?

Remember that the animals face failure and fear but they must move to survive. They act with audacity. And yes – it normally gets them into trouble – but they use more audacity to get out! What are your thoughts? Gonna go for it and be bold?

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