How the Creative Process Works

by Dave Jackson

Ever have something puzzle you until moment you talk it out? Clarity comes and it’s as if the last number of the combination lock falls in place. As you become aware with this new information, other things make more sense as well.

This happened to me when I finally connected how we as creative beings can actually create. It’s not only pro create, but manifest things, tangible things. So from my studies in quantum physics I know that particles are cognizant of our observing them. Scientists knew that particles take on the form of a wave but when they tried to observe the waveform it simply collapsed before their eyes.

It is in collapsing that particles take form or”create” things, even tangible things.

Knowing that all matter made up of particles is an easy jump to believe that everything is aware we are here and looking at it.

So for us as humans to create, it is as simple as intending particles to take on another form. We “think” things into existence. In the Good Book it’s said if you had faith the size of a mustard seed you can physically move mountains.

Today I believe I can walk out in my yard or stand in the shower and physically and spiritually connect with all matter, be it a tree which is very connected in the ground, or the water of the shower which is very connected to the earth as well. And I can communicate through these very tangible things and know my thoughts are transmitted particle to particle right to the recipient.

But you don’t need tangible. And this is how vibrations are felt from things. You feel it as the energy is given off like a radio transmitter. We are all transmitters, very powerful transmitters with new research showing the energy flows mainly from our physical heart. Think about that the next time you are sending out some feeling.

Creating is merely intending the particles to take the form you want them to. Taking this a step further I’ve experienced it’s quite possible to create your day, your environment, your life. And I do believe whether we like it or not, we create our lives with our thoughts, attracting all sorts of emotions, not only in us, but in the people and things in our present state.

How can you use this creative power? Simply begin this moment to change your existence by changing your thoughts. Will things change immediately? No. In my experience it takes about three days for things you think about today to actually manifest. Try it now and your life will change!

Experiment: For a fun and simple treat, believe in your heart that you will get good news. Then, three days from today be very aware of everything that takes place in your life. You will receive some good news.

And please drop me a line when you do. I love to hear how this simple process worked for you.

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