How to Avoid Clutter

by Dave Jackson

This probably seems like an easy topic to write about. OK, I have clutter. Clean it up. Done.

But I’ve found that, like most things in life, it’s complex. Things don’t always have to be complex, we just have interesting ways of making them that way. And we do this because we strive to avoid pain and embrace pleasure. So unconsciously we scheme to make something as simple as picking up after ourselves, a complicated game of procrastination. In that, we hope we’ll be saved by some house cleaning guru who will sweep all our mess into a bin, never to be seen or dealt with again.

This is the most common response when asked about clutter in a persons’ life, “I can’t seem to find the time to tackle it.” Or, “I am going to get to that this weekend.”

So I’m thinking the answer is in facing the task and just do it – go through the stack and clean it up. But you guys know me too well – I want to know why we “stack” it in the first place. And it gets back to not wanting to deal with it. We’d rather surf the ‘net or watch American Idol or whatever is on e! or the History Channel. Anything that will be more pleasurable than dealing with the clutter.

Here is the cure for clutter. When you touch anything, your rule is to not put it down unless it is where it ultimately belongs. Never move anything twice. So this means when you touch the mail – deal with everything then. When you do laundry – do every step. When you bring something into your home – put it where it will always be available to use. When you take your clothes off at the end of the day – put them where they belong (laundry room, hamper, etc.)

Less clutter shows discipline and discipline shows empowerment. But you must have a reason for being clutter-free and neat. Why do you want to be this way? This part has to be stronger than the desire to toss everything throughout the house. And this why has to be reinforced each day, each hour possibly – to let you anchor your powerful reason to living the life you really want.

Before you work on the clutter today, get paper out and write down your WHY. Are you better than those hoarders you see on TV? Or are you simply the same and can’t control your actions?

You know the answer.

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