How to Believe in Yourself

by Dave Jackson

disney_dreamThere are so many people on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that do nothing more than re-submit quotes. And some of these are pretty exciting, but if you just look at them and smile and move on, the message you’re sending to your head is that – yeah, that’s cool; it might happen to me.

People are lucky, or born into it and they don’t have a far stretch to believe in what they do or stand for. If you’ve not experienced hopelessness, you’re pretty secure and when someone says – take a leap of faith – it may not be all that far-fetched for you.

I’m betting because you’re reading this page, you have a few issues with believing you’ll ever get your head above water and when you do, it will only be a short time before the bottom falls out with some other challenge that only you seems to encounter.

So, I put a quote here – by Walt Disney. A fellow who kept failing and didn’t always have success shine on him. There’s an excellent bio of Walt on Amazon Prime videos. If you get a chance, watch his struggles. It wasn’t always a day he would wake up and say – hey, buddy – just believe and dare. It will all be okay.

Here’s the take-away. Walt started small. I start small. Anyone who has ever achieved anything in this life started…small. With a thought. That’s what Disney is saying in his quote: first you have to think. For me, that means “maybe I could do this or that.” (Believing in yourself.) Think in baby steps. I can do this one thing everyday, and that will move me closer to what I really want in life.

I often say if you would spend as much time on getting what you really want in life as you spend on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat… you would be much closer to your goal – and some would have already achieved it – by now. Invest that time in you. Don’t waste another precious moment on viewing addicting garbage on the Internet. Use the Internet to get you FAR ahead of those who are wasting time there.

That’s how you believe in you. Take a small step and move in the direction of what you want. Tony Robbins said to never leave the scene of where you learn something new without taking some sort of action. I love that. It means don’t just drift off this page to another website without making a decision to do something for you that will change the way you think about you.

Let me know what you think of the movie of Walt. I do have a link in there that will pay me all of a few cents if you decide to click on it and order from Amazon. You don’t have to use it and it doesn’t make the video any more expensive, I just wanted you to know it’s there.

Think: I am enough. I have enough. I can do this. I must be the one to really take action this year. And listen, start with a short time period, like the next 60 minutes. Use the time you’d troll through Facebook to search to find tools that will make you become the person you really want to be. You can do it. I believe in you.

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