How to Break into Television

by Dave Jackson

I know I’m catching most of you off-guard.  But there’s a purpose for my madness.  How many of you – and you can raise a hand if you’d like – have had a tiny desire to be on TV at some level or another.  Maybe a TV news reporter, or talk show host, or quite possibly a spot in The Mentalist.

Whatever the case, there is in us a desire to achieve something we find almost impossible.  And the key word there is “almost.”

Today I was chatting on MSN Live Messenger to a niece in Brazil.  This 15 year old has such a desire to come visit Disneyworld and the United States that she’d do almost anything to get here.

One thing she did as a child was to model for some fairly large companies.  So I asked her if she was still doing modeling.  And she said no.  I told her that it might be something she could get back into since that was one thing she knew how to do and could set aside some money to come here to the USA.

You see, if there is a will – or desire to do something – there is always going to be a way.  What is the normal path we take?  Nothing – we don’t really take a path – we just stay busy with our lives hoping that things will get better.  And they don’t, do they?  Ever?

I’ve found in life that we must take action to make anything work.  It takes going against the human flesh to make anything worthwhile.  Think about how you got to where you are today?  You did something abnormal.  Or was it handed to you on a platter?

Choices.  Today or whenever you read this, make a choice to break out of the ordinary and continue on with the quality life you deserve.  You want.  Don’t take no for an answer and don’t stop until you make it.  And let me know, if you can, how you are doing.

Talk soon,


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