How to Create Lasting Change in Your Life

by Dave Jackson

Don’t worry, it’s impossible. Snazzy title, though. But the fact is I can’t become perfection – which is, deciding on a way I am going to do something, and keep doing it until I die. Life gets in the way.

I look back over my life and note that time and again the theme was to instill a discipline in me that would subconsciously take over when my flesh wanted to go eat a few boxes of french fries, or watch a two hour movie instead of working on a project that must get done. The bottom line of this is that I shouldn’t shun discipline because it is what will bring about successful change.

That’s so easy to say: don’t shun discipline, yet here are the factors that mess with my head when you know I have to change my life:

The number one factor I have found is my life is all over the place when 3 things are missing – a life plan or anointing or goal, a set of values, and God.

When those things exist in my life at the same time, miracles abound. I have dozens and dozens of stories including a fairy tale marriage that were all because I decided to set specific goals, knew my core values, and set God as number one in my life. And brother, it ain’t easy! It took me a ton of faith to believe that He was in control and things were going to work out. The discipline of sticking to my life plan, adhering to my values, and putting God first was not at all easy. It was hard and painful at times. But later –

The magic happened and guess what? It just increased my belief! Friends asked me how my fortune was happening but it’s hard to explain and you know, no one wanted to hear, “just trust!” I think one thing that really helped me was to quit concentrating on not having things, money. By concentrating on the abundance I wanted and not giving energy to lack, it actually showed up!

But I deviate from my theme here of discipline.

So pain and some rough times following my 3 disciplines, then later satisfaction and no more worry. In my case, I found when I got off track and no longer had a plan, no longer stuck to my “values” and no longer put God first, the bottom fell out.

And here’s the most exciting part. God never takes me out of the race when I goof up. He gives me another chance. I must discipline myself to talk to Him about His plans for my life. Why wouldn’t I want the Creator of the Universe to be my coach? I watch these kids on X Factor and how giddy they are when they get to have Demi Lovato or Britney Spears as a coach. And I know the life challenges both of these young ladies have been through – I suppose for singing they are great coaches – just saying – I don’t really realize the power I have a hold of when I can close my eyes, get on my knees and chat with Almighty God – and He is so willing to guide me.

Want homework? Today, first – ask God to help you on this project. Figure out what your calling is in life. Recently I’ve come to think that it is that thing you are blessed with. Let’s say you are a great people-person; you love to help and you have a caring heart. Quite possibly your mission in life is along those lines. Or maybe you’re a great designer. I mean it comes “easy” to you, and if I had to do it, I’d be calling you for help. That is what I’m talking about – things that come easy to you. I really believe those things are gifts to assist you in your calling here on earth.

Next, what do you stand for? Have you ever done this exercise, to find out what you stand for? It’s not real hard and will take a few minutes of thought. Google “values clarification” and you’ll be on your way.

Finally, God has to be in this whole mix or the success is built on you and not Him. Putting God first means getting His direction on everything, just as if He were a physical father and you’re asking for help. That’s what He wants and I can tell you this works.

When I began this post I said it is impossible to create lasting change. That’s true. But know there is redemption for you when you mess up and “fall off the wagon” so to speak. You can get back on and keep going and the formula will bring you whatever you are supposed to have. Hebrews 12:11

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