How to Gain Belief

by Dave Jackson

First, thank you to the many who e-mailed regarding the post on C.S. Lewis.  The biggest question was – Great, Dave… we know we need to “believe” that we can conquer our fears, get through our challenges, but HOW do we get this “belief”?  This… “faith” that things will happen?

Going back to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, recall that Lucy did not always have success in going through the wardrobe to Narnia.  When surrounded by the doubting vibes of her siblings, she began doubting herself – and the wall, or back of the wardrobe would not budge.

So what did she do to overcome her failure?

She began to complain and tell her brothers and sister that it was their fault and that she didn’t see how she could ever get to Narnia again and that she was turning in her C.S. Lewis badge and selling all her Narnia paraphernalia on eBay.  Like they say – it’s not for everybody… and Lucy now knew she wasn’t one of the 1% that make it to the kingdom.  She quit.

No!  Of course she didn’t do any of that.  I love working with kids, because their minds are not polluted with negative things.  If Stephanie on Full House says the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are best buddies, well – that’s truth!  So if you achieved getting to Narnia once, you certainly can do it again, no?

Lucy focused on her past successes.  There’s the key.  That’s it.  Focus on your past successes.  But there’s more to it than thought.

You can’t very well open a door by thinking of the key.

You must close your eyes and play the successful moments over and over, like a movie.  Bright, alive, with sound!  Do this until you feel the way you felt when it originally happened.  This is the key.  This is how belief comes.

Olympic athletes are SO good at this that they do it all day long.  Before any event you can see them running the race, jumping, finishing… all in their mind – over and over.  And do you think they’re just looking at the track?  No!  They’re recalling the time they cleared every hurdle, ran every step, cleared every pole – successfully!  Their mind makes them believe they can do it again, and again.

Homework: So now it’s up to you.  You now have how to dream where you want to be and today – the key to putting yourself in the belief that you can do it.  High self-esteem.  Successful you.  You have done it before and you can do it again – no matter what your siblings say.

Take a sheet of paper and write down five things you were successful at.  Where you shined.  You were at the top of your game.  You made your best sale or recruited your best business builder.  Keep this list for the next few days at your computer so you can review it whenever you sit down to write or read online.  Look at one of the things on your list and close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment.  Run it like a movie through your head.  Smile.  Stand.  Make it real.  Just like an Olympian!  Remember – that the Gold Medal is won first in the mind, in the heart – then on the field…

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