How to Handle Divorce Conflict

by Dave Jackson

One of the most difficult challenges in life is overcoming the loss of someone you love when they decide they no longer love you. The feelings associated with this loss, when accompanied by any change of heart from you to another human is arguably the most difficult loss to deal with. However, there is hope for you, should you be in this situation.

First, you must come to terms with the fact that you created this situation and any coincidental fallout. Knowing this main fact means you can change your future by creating a different, happier outcome.

In order for you to have peace, remain the more mature in any situation dealing with this person. We often want to defend our position, but that is not necessary. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve often been tempted to plead my case even when evidence was found that seemingly implicated me, but with discipline held my tongue and allowed that parson to think what they willed. You never have to defend yourself if you come from a heart of truth. And time after time the individual will see that you were right all along.

So to have the discipline you need to stand even when accused of something you know you did not do, come from a place of love. Yes, love the person. Make sure your heart is calm and stress free and send out waves of love and gratitude towards this person. Respond to their every word with love and genuine kindness. Love breaks down a multitude of negativity. But you must be genuine.

Stop fighting negative with negative and begin to confront negative with sincere love. Don’t worry about the outcome. Take care of you and your mindset. The universe will take care of the rest.

Instead of worrying about you in mind, create a different outcome. See yourself as you want to be seen. Visualize you in a great, positive light. Don’t infect the future by continually bringing events of the past into your present. Let them go.

Think you can handle that? Of course you can. Let me tell you, if I can do it, having been accused of everything from electronically following a person to having had sex with numerous unknowns; you can certainly give love to whoever is continually sending negative vibrations your way. Forgive them and love them. Don’t wonder why they continue. The love will open their eyes. You have the power.

Dave’s tip: There is no negotiating skill against love.


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