How To Profit From Bad Examples

by Dave Jackson

Every school day I bike with my eight year old down the street to her school.  It bugs me that the parent that drops off their kid at the front of the school will then barrel down the side street at 35 to 40 MPH in a School Zone.  I guess I have a few quirks, but people doing dangerous things (not to them; to the kids) is not high on my list.

OK, so you’re thinking how can I profit from something like that?

Here’s what you do.  I’ve been talking to you about home based businesses for a good while.  What you want to do is take that irritating behavior and ask yourself what would the possible equivalent be in your own business?

Then, find the way to correct them.

For me, it was people that simply rush right through the sign-up process to the street.  They don’t feel they need much training, and they’re dangerous as business builders.  Like there’s a 10 step program and they read about three steps and stop.  Were they not interested, or was it that the training wasn’t cutting edge.

Well, whatever it is, I knew I needed to find a way that people would go from step one all the way through step 10 without bailing.  And the best way to do this is to offer some sort of incentive.  It’s not difficult to create a training website where you have do things in modules. comes to mind.  You can probably get someone for under $100 to do this at

So see what is irritating in your world and apply it to your business.

Continued success.

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