How to Stay Positive

by Dave Jackson

If your sell things for a living, especially if you make a commission from those sales, you know that now and again you face challenges. At that point you can either spiral down into depression, or move forward by staying positive and focused. And I suppose of the two it is more important to stay positive than anything else.

When you’re not positive, it is easy to not do anything. You lose your excitement, drive, because things aren’t going positive for you. And if someone rejects your sales pitch when you’re down, it puts you in the dumps even more. Just makes sense that your sales will drop, no?

DepressedThat’s why having a positive attitude no mater what is something you should guard must guard more than money. (Read that again.) So it’s vitally important to get everyone around you on board with being positive. I’m serious about asking your family to understand you only want good news. And something I need to refresh here in the Jackson home: post positive quotes or sayings around your home. Influence is important and your subconscious mind is taking this input.

An effort you can do as soon as you’re done reading this is to Google some great quotes, get out the Sharpie or other marker, paper, scissors, tape, and make at least 5 quotes you can tape around your house. Put them on the mirrors that you use.

Yes, positive mental attitude is wonderful and must be guarded, but you have to stay focused to stay in the game. If you’ve wondered how the people with huge estates do it, you’d probably be surprised. They break it down by not doing too much at the same time. They know it’s been proven that we can’t handle more than six or seven things in our mind at once. But isn’t that just what we do? And with electronic devices it’s getting even crazier.

Unless you have your Blackberry or other SmartPhone figured out where you’re writing and using that information for your progress, you need to be writing things down. And I’m not talking about a fancy to-do list. Their strategy goes deeper than that.

They keep a short list so they know what’s important from day-to-day. Writing things down helps your mind with the details and also allows your subconscious to see things already completed.

Staying positiveWhat you do next is rank those items by importance. Earl Nightingale has taught this strategy. In fact once someone told him that he never seemed rushed or anxious, so he must be very organized. Nightingale replied that anxiety is caused by having too many things on your mind, yet he only kept one thing on his mind: the task at hand. The power of focus Nightingale used with this simple strategy allowed him to achieve a level or success few ever do.

And I’ve found that if you create this list at the end of your day, because you feed your subconscious mind this, you simply sleep better.  Since you involve your subconscious mind, you will wake with some interesting ideas to accomplish those things on your list. Write them down.

Listen, I love computer devices as much or more than the next guy but I know my limitations. I can’t get 12 hours of work done when I only have 8 hours. Know your limits. What we’re shooting for is a smooth productive day and not one that is so crammed full of activities that you are stressed.

Do you workout? You need to. It fits right in with staying positive. The brain and body just work better when your body is fit. And you sleep better, too… plus have more energy!

So guard that positive mental attitude. It will only lead you to greatness!

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