How to Stop Worry and Anxiety

by Dave Jackson
Otis Worries but you don't have to.

Otis Worries but you don't have to.

Why is it that it’s so easy to worry about anything? And like something combustible, it we continue to worry, we simply feed the fire and eventually get sick. Maybe you’ve never been there, and if not – good for you – but for the millions who struggle with this very natural feeling, let me tell you how I work with it.

I bet if you’re worrying, you don’t have a game plan written down with a lot of specifics. I’m not talking about a to-do list. I mean sitting down and writing out your goals for this year. If you want a really cool sheet for doing this, shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you. This is a must.

When you have where you’re going in clarity, everything else falls in place. And the first step in busting worry is defining the situation clearly in writing. So much I have found can be solved just by defining the issue. As they say, “Accurate diagnosis is half the cure.”

See that notepad on your desk? Grab a pencil and write what is the worst possible outcome of the situation. What’s the absolute worst? Get this clear in your mind and on paper.

And yikes – not sure you’re gonna like this one, but it’s being willing to have it so. Say, what? Resolve to accept the worst should it occur. That’s my first piece of advice – being willing to have it so. Once you resolve to accept this, well… your mind will become more calm and clear and you’ll be ready to snap out of depression and take action.

Got it? If you’re dwelling on the problem instead of the solution, you’ll be depressed. Time is on your side, most of the time – you will have enough time to work out this plan.

Snapping out of that mood is like someone throwing cold water on you – your state changes and you say – OK, that was interesting – now, I got to get down to work. OK? If you’re not clear on this, use the contact form and I’ll make sure to explain it more.

Now that you and I are clear on that – the next step is to do something. Take some action. What I suggest is begin immediately doing everything possible to improve the worst.

Still worrying?

Worry is just a sustained form of fear caused by indecision. Wanna know how to get over it? ACTION. Get your butt in gear and do something about your situation. And guess what? You won’t have time to worry. Take action and watch your confidence rise, your courage and control returns. And fear… is gone.

Still have the paper handy? Make a list down one side of the things that you believe are stressing you out. Next on the other side of the page, write the worst possible thing that could happen as a result. And tell me if this doesn’t help the worry just disappear!

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