How to Work Out of Your Home

by Dave Jackson

People ask me almost daily how I work out of my home with constant guests and a 10 year old daughter who wants the world. The answer is easy. Discipline. And I’ve been called disciplined. That’s what it takes.

But there are a few other pointers I’ve gathered along the way that have really helped me.

I’m a planner. I love writing, making lists. This helps. Writing stuff down.

Another big thing that helps is mindset. I know I always talk about this and you may be asking yourself what that means – it just means how you view what you’re doing. For a person working from home running a real business you need to view what you’re doing as a business, not a hobby.

One thing I’ve always told my kids is if you treat your job like a business it will pay you as a business. And if you treat it as a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. Write that one down, OK?

If you really want to work from home and be successful at it you have to be disciplined enough to shut everything else out (well, almost everything – I mean, why do it from home unless there are some cool benefits, eh?) and treat your thing that you’re doing as a real business.

This means setting aside real hours at home that people respect, and you respect. Yes, you can be a little flexible, but tell your family and friends that this is a legitimate business and you have blocked off that time.

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