I Always Get What I Want

by Dave Jackson

Recently on Facebook someone asked how I was doing. And I told them I was fine and things were going great and that I was writing a book for Amazon.com to sell for the Kindle/iPad/Smart phone market. (I realize there are a few other book readers out there, Sony, Barnes & Nobles’ device…)

My friend asked what the book was going to be about and I told her that it was about how to always get what you want. I don’t mean this as some egotistical thing, but I always get what I ask for. And yes, it does tie in with all the “words are powerful” mindset, etc, but the main thing is that I’ve developed a pattern that works for me 100% of the time.

In fact, so powerful that my neighbor recently commented why don’t I use it to manifest more money?

I’ve been working on that and at first I pictured “X” amount of dollars a month. I thought that would be a great sum. But the more I asked for that – not in desperation (and that’s paramount) – I kept hearing that I should ask it as the weekly sum. So I’ve since changed my request.

Buy the book and you’ll know the secret!

Just kidding – well, sure, I want you to buy the book, but I want to share with you some highlights, too. So here we go:

1. You need structure in your life.

Everything around us has structure but we are wired to have to work for structure.

2. You have to ask without being desperate.

For some odd reason when we beg, or ask desperately like there is no option, we attract more of that crap. I show you how to short-circuit that cycle.

3. Figure out what is limiting you.

What is preventing you from having what you really want? Have you asked for it? Or is it a mere fantasy you’ve never told a soul about, or asked God about?

4. Believe you can have it.

These are all important steps, and yes, there are more, but these can give you a taste of what’s in the book. I walk you through each area I cover in the exact way I’m writing you here. You know my style – conversational and fun.

So sign up on the list where it says “Follow Me Here” and you’ll be the first to know when it comes out and I’ll make sure you get it at a nice discount.

You, too, can always get what you want. Believe me.

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