I Didn’t Know Time Was So Precious

by Dave Jackson

Quick quiz!  What can only be spent and can’t be saved?

Time!  Right!  It’s perishable.  And we all get the same amount of it – which bugs me when I read about some person attaining a top position when they did it from home with three kids and, did I mention they were pregnant, too?

How in heaven do they do it?

Rachel came in the office here today and said she was now taller than the tallest file cabinet, so there’s no place to write the date and make the little mark to chart her growth.  Time is so precious.

Did you know once time is gone, it’s gone forever?

I had a thought today, that since I really, really enjoyed my childhood, that God would allow us to have a great childhood in heaven – with many of the same things.  Who hasn’t thought, at one time, that heaven might have places like the “holodeck”  on Star Trek, where you could recreate things.  I digress.

Everything “takes” time.  Work, sleep, looking out a window…  And remember this 10/90 Rule: take 10% of your “time” to plan your day carefully in advance and save 90% of the effort.

You can’t replace time.  Nothing else works in creating those great relationships.  Care to expand your business?  Spend more time with people you want to partner with.  People who manage time well, find ways to spend large blocks of it with the people they love.

Kids spell Love – t-i-m-e.  Spouses do too.  Time equals love with all important people in your life. You get to understand them better.  Lose this time, and kids and others will go off into their own world of activities.

Every goal you want, the new white Mercedes, the great home, all… requires time.  One of the smartest things you can do is sit down and look at your goals, and allocate the time you are going to have to invest to achieve that goal.

If you don’t… you probably won’t get to that goal.

Precious time.  Do you feel you use it well?

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