I Just Learned a Great Time Saver

by Dave Jackson

Actually, I’ve been using this time saver for a few months now.  Something I learned back in early June.  The whole premise is while working at something, if you can focus for two hours, you save a ton of time.  And I know that sounds simplistic, so let me explain – at least how I do it.

Oh, before I forget, I need a few helpers.  I can hear you saying – you don’t have time, so how could you lend a hand here?  Well, what I am looking for is something you may already do.  What I am looking for is a contributor to the blog here.  Some of you have been huge contributors as commentors, so this might be right for you.

And what do you get for it?  Well, I can’t pay you yet, but I want you to know that your articles will be seen by hundreds of subscribers on my mailing list, and people who visit the website.  Your entries will have your name and people will be able to contact you – even though your email address won’t be on the website.

I’m looking for contributions on observations on life, network marketing, success, and human interest.  So if you are interested, please let me know and I can get you started immediately.

Now, back to time saving.

Here’s the deal.  It has been found that the body works best in blocks of two hours.  If you can start your day doing the most important thing you need to get done, and stick with it – focused – for two hours, you will get tons of work done.

Then, take a break for about 10 to 15 minutes.  And then get back into it.

I am creating an ebook on this time management system that will help anyone in a fun and easy way get control of their time.  It will be available soon – and I’ll let you know right here.

You know, one thing that blew me away with the study of time was that after the two hours, you know how you get sleepy or sluggish and reach for a coffee?  Gotta have my coffee…

Well, the current study is that your body actually needs to take a quick time-out during those 10 to 15 minutes and coffee will actually starve your body from the rest it needs.  So you end up becoming more tired, and worn out by the end of the day.

Just try this and tell me how it works for you.  I’ve been doing it and it works wonders.  Work for two straight hours – focused and really staying on track.  Then take a little break – maybe eat a little snack.  But no pick me ups!  Then get back into it.

Sure, you can have a cup later on – but when you are feeling that little sleepy feeling and think that a cup of coffee is the answer – let your body rest for a bit.  Let me know what happens.

Hey, more tips coming your way to help you be more successful and if you can please help me here, with contributions, I would like to hear from you.  Thanks!

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