If I Don’t Do This, Someone Else Will

by Dave Jackson

I’m sitting in my living room, writing this on my iPhone. Next to me sits my Bible, which I haven’t even opened yet and it’s almost 11 o’clock. I’m sure you have these kind of days that seem to take their own path.

The dog wants to go outside. I just fed the birds and cleaned their cages. Everything seems normal, but I know that I need to follow a better flight plan.
If anything, 2011 has shown me to “lean not unto my own understanding” but really, just leave it in God’s hands, do what I can, and He does His part.

So what I’m going to do is change my blog here up a little bit and post my journey into 2012. I believe that it’ll be helpful to many people and that they might be able to take some of the things I do and apply them to their lives.

I know this is kind of rough, it’s right before Christmas, but there really is no perfect time to start working on your future. I have written this whole post using my iPhone and using the dictation microphone. So I have these cool tools; you have these cool tools available to you as well. There are many tools that you can use that weren’t available to us just a few years ago.

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I think that’s the first great thing I need to do this morning – get some fuel for my mind, get going, and maybe begin to write down some of the things that I want to include in my flight plan. Destinations I want to go to, things I want to accomplish, and mainly changes I want to see in myself. I truly believe God is working in me and making me the person that he wants me to be.

So expect regular updates here. You can subscribe to this blog and also subscribe to my Twitter feed @NaplesDave – and think about joining me on this journey. Okay, this was the first update, so let’s see how it goes from here. Have a great day!


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