Jealousy Keeps You Poor

by Dave Jackson

The upperclassmen were everything.

Look at them. They were taller than any of us, happier. Seemed to know exactly what they wanted from life. They could seemingly look down on us and tell us what to do, and we’d follow suit with trembling. They ruled.

We wanted whatever they had. It was some magic bestowed on them when they reached that grade or age. The world was theirs and we were simply jealous.

When we got to where they were – i.e. High School – we found that we had simply climbed a level, now wanting what the adults had. Again, jealous.

Why are we wired this way, “wanting what others have?”

The answer is because we are given the freedom of choice and there can be no other way to allow all choices without being exposed to nicer things. Our inward desire is to grow and having better is part of that process.

Yet in it we covet and desire what others have to the extreme of being mad they they have “it” and we don’t. Instead of learning how to attract what they have, we are mad at “Someone” for not giving it to us – or for how the “dice” played out – or “destiny.”

You’ve felt it, too. You see a friend with something nice, and you wonder when evil they’ve been up to – or why the gods have smiled on them and not you – or why they got a blessing? Ever wonder what that does in the big scheme of things?

Jealousy repels that good thing from you. Whatever you are jealous of immediately gets pushed away. You’ll almost never attain it.

When you look at that thing that would bring jealousy and think – I am being shown this because this could be mine as well – your life will change. Remove jealousy from your mind and always believe that what you are experiencing is put there to show you it is availble for you as well. You simply have to believe that it can be yours.

I know this sounds mysterious, and it is – but through the years this is how things work. Thoughts become things. Thoughts repel things. They are powerful.

So begin now to look at your neighbor differently. Look at those fancy cars differently. Yes – this is the reason they are being shown to you.

Don’t push them away with your thoughts.

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