Long Life and Happiness

by Dave Jackson

I love the colors of my new “theme” for the blog, but many of the otherwise “cool” features are broken. And the author has gone into hiding. Something easy to do on the cyber-highway. So, I’ll probably be changing it again to something that works. I need a webmaster.

Isn’t it fascinating the way God made us? I mean, really… think about how we are created to be in relationships with one another. And how tightly intertwined our emotions are to relationships.

In marketing, we use this to sell products. Kodak spent 20 seconds selling you on how wonderful family is and the remaining 10 seconds of the commercial telling you that you needed to capture that on their film. Funny… even a photograph has the ability to make us emotional. Words do, too. All of our senses, I imagine, play a great part.

You want a happy relationship SO bad that you will go far out of your way to make it happen. When I was dating my wife, I would do things I never thought I could. For example, I would work from 6 AM until 2 PM, then catch an afternoon flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Miami. From there I would catch an all-nighter flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil and arrive at the airport there at 8 AM.

Adriana and I would spend the day together, and that same night I would head back out to the airport, catch the evening flight to Miami, arriving at 5 AM.

But not only romantic relationships; we want the people around us to like us, respect us. We want the community to accept us. The people on our street to know us. Why else would we get involved in community and social life?

Next, I get an earful almost every day from people upset with their jobs. It’s not so much the work, but the people they have to work with. Naturally, we want to make good money, but more than that – we want to enjoy our occupation. Aren’t the best times in our lives those where we were really absorbed in our work?

I have counseled with many who say that they would be happy with living with nothing – which is noble – only to come back later telling me they want enough to make a difference here on Earth.  Financial independence is free from worries about money.  You want comfort without a need to depend on others.  I have found that if you save and invest regularly throughout your working life – you do reach a point where you never have to work again.

Health works into this equation.  Don’t we all want to be pain-free and know our bodies are working at top health and energy?  Most of us don’t even think about health until something goes wrong with it.

OK – so what is key in every one of these areas?  I know in one point in my life I stressed out so badly about a couple of these items that I saw it take a toll on my looks – my appearance – and that’s just on the outside.  What I believe is key here is peace of mind.  The more relaxed and positive you are, the less stress, the more healthful you are.

Did you know you have better relationships when you have more peace of mind?  You feel good about yourself inside and you work better.  With more peace of mind you are bound to make more, earn a good living my friend, and save money for the future.

What happened to all that chatter about The Secret?  One gem I drew out of it was that whatever you dwell on and think about grows and expands in your life.  And if that’s so, our entire lives are simply a study of attention.  The more we pay attention to our relationships, our finances, our health, our work – well the better they will become.  We’ll become happier.

What would make you happy in these areas?

Talk soon,

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