Manifest Destiny

by Dave Jackson

Flying high over the Amazon basin right now and to tell you the truth, it’s a little chilly. Somehow, through all the work of flying the plane, the cockpit must not keep a keen eye on the cabin temperature. But let me tell you, we as flight attendants do. And with a quick call to the flight deck, we’re warm again.

Ah, the joys of living in continual guidance by Spirit. My flight crew on this trip down to Rio is fun and amazing. But looking at our manifest it showed we were short one flight attendant. A key position that I might of had to fill because of my seniority with the company. Let’s just say the new kid on the block is voted into positions others with more time with the company won’t take. I’m not a fan of working the galley on the aircraft, and this was the business class galley that needed a warm body.

Yes, I was ready to work the galley if I had to, but I know a power much greater than I is looking after me and wants me to have a stress free, abundant life. I didn’t worry about it, honestly. I knew in my spirit whatever happened would be wonderful on my behalf. Isn’t that a great place to be?

As life works out for me, one of the other crew members was more than happy to work that galley, stay in her element and actually enjoy the work.

How do things work out like that? Intent and expectation. Oh, I know that sounds like a simple answer, but it isn’t. It takes a ton of discipline to intend something and keep in the mindset that things are going to work out for your good. We have been taught to expect the worst in life and how to make life work after that. Crummy! We should expect the best always!

I mentioned discipline. But discipline is fashioned by habit. So, there’s work involved. But, after a time, as habit always does, it becomes easier. Second nature. You find yourself in the mindset of intent and expectation without much effort. It’s just how you roll.

Well, I’m going to go out and get some vitamin D. Later I’ll report on how my trip here unfolded. Remember, God is on your side and cares for you.

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