Mapping Out a New Path

by Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson

For all of you non-believers, listen up. The power of using what God has given you to get what you want, works. And it works better than I had ever imagined.  Don’t you think it’s confusing that there are so many gurus with their own take on how stuff works? How could they all be right?

I heard life coach Tony Robbins explain that when you are exposed to a new way that you take what you need from it, like taking what you need from a grocery store shelf. Leave what you don’t want and come back and get it when you do want it.

That’s a pretty cool explanation. Dr. Wayne Dyer says you must feel comfortable with it. In other words – in your mind you want to become an expert in photography. Great! Are you comfortable with that? You may be 5′ 2″ and dream to be a linebacker. But can you really see yourself there? Is your mind really comfortable with that?

I am NOT saying things like this cannot be done! They can! But according to Dyer you have to be able to be comfortable in your head with it.

OK, so first thing I have to have a destination, that is – something I desire to become. I don’t have to share this with anyone. In fact, it’s probably good that I don’t so I don’t get negative feedback that would only serve to discourage me. When I have that down, I can then begin creating a map to get there.

What you do is sit at the kitchen table and grab some sheets of clean paper and your favorite pen, and alone, write down everything you can think of that will help you get to your destination. Begin to form connections and plans. As you write you will begin to feel empowered.

Dave Jackson

I’ve done this several times before in my life and each time it is very powerful and works better than I imagine. This weekend I am creating another map. Part of it involves bringing members of my family closer together. Half of that part is already done and I am happy to say that it worked much quicker than I thought. There are steps to bringing your desire into reality, and when the Universe moves, it is awesome to watch and further empowers you.

Over the next few days I want you to do two things: come up with your main desire – which you should already have a good idea about, even if you’ve let it get a little dusty and even put it away for a long time – get it out and dust it off. And secondly, run through the map exercise with nice sheets of clean paper and let it flow.

Next, we’ll work on how to put those things together. You can go ahead and start to make connections with your map. Work out how things you’ve written down are going to help you get to your desire. Hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign at the entrance to your imagination and just dream on.

Don’t ever, ever allow anyone else’s ideas of who you can or can’t become dampen your dreams or quench your imagination. It’s your domain. Put a Keep Out sign at all the entrances. (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

Keep grateful for everything that comes your way and we’ll talk soon.

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