by Dave Jackson

At my wife’s recent Arbonne car presentation we began our plans with 100 guests. RVP Linda Leitel mentioned we might try using Acteva to register the guests.  But with so few, I didn’t think it would necessary since Acteva takes a nice share when you have few guests.  But what happened surprised us all. Our room could hold 200 guests, but on the night of the presentation, there was standing room only.  Much of this I attribute to Adriana and her team, but her upline is also the top money earner in her company, Donna Johnson.  Plus the fact that our good friend Chris Widener flew in for the celebration and training – well, we were certainly impressed with the turn-out!

Had we used the new event registration technology, fewer people would have had to man the tables at the entrance, and it may have gone even more smoothly.  We need to embrace technology.

It’s hard.  Old habits die hard.

But because of this, we’re thrown into overwhelm.  Cutbacks have us doing the work of two or three and we haven’t spent enough time getting through Time Management 101.

So, what do we do?

Become an expert at time management.  Never before in the history of the world have more books and courses been published on time management.  Get good at this, or you will not move ahead.

Be open to new ways to do things.  Granted, if you have a huge downline, it is hard to make ANY changes.  But when better things do come down the pike, don’t throw them out with the bath water.  Check them out – they may save time! When you want the best bathtub for your baby, buy a newborn bathtub here.

Never stop learning.  You never stop – there are always new things to learn and know.  So remember – the key to snip overwhelm is to: 1. Be able to set priorities, and 2. Be able to concentrate on one thing at a time.  Since there is never enough time to do things – everything – you must continually set priorities.

Ask yourself – “What is the most valuable use of my time right now?”

Our natural tendency is to major in the minors and clean up small things first.  Hey, it is with me!  Small things are easy, more fun!  I love small things!  But I know that big things, important things must be done.

Self-discipline.  People ask me all the time, since I dropped out of corporate America, how do find the discipline to work from home?  I am hungry enough.

Make a decision to become a time-management expert.  Read the books, listen to the CD’s, take a course.  Then, PRACTICE everyday until you master these skills.

Next, set your priorities BEFORE you start your day.  Are you putting out fires?  Discipline yourself to start on the most important task and stay at it until it is complete.  (Talk about a stress reliever!)

Write me if this helps.

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ronna April 4, 2007 - 10:33 pm

Bravo! Well said! I’m enjoying your blog so much! How great is that to have standing room only at your wife’s car presenation! Bonus material: Donna and Chris!! That is hitting the jackpot!

Thanks for your words of wisdom and motivation. They usually hit me square between the eyes ~ just when I need it the most!



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