Passion Will Make You Prevail

by Dave Jackson

I’m flying this time from London to New York, and I’m inspired to write you about love. Now this time I want to address the kind of love we refer to as passion. It’s that special something deep inside you that is often very hard to explain; an enthusiasm that you have. Passion of this sort pushes you in a direction with a force that is equally hard to pinpoint. You’re excited and feel on track, doing what feels right, and your destiny in life.

I really believe that this type of passion in your life is all you need to fulfill your dreams. Don’t forget that God is never in need of an excuse. The creative Divine Spirit is able to manifest any thought. I mean, look at us; we are the result of the Spirit thinking itself material form. So when we have an emotion as deep as this passion for what we’re thinking of, we are experiencing Spirit within us. That’s unstoppable creative power!

With the passion I’m talking about you know in your spirit that what you are doing is the right thing to do. It doesn’t matter what others think, you know you’re on track and can get through any barrier. You feel it deep within you and know the right thing to do is to act on it.

Feeling this level of enthusiasm, nothing seems too hard. There are no risks – arguments are meaningless, money issues aren’t issues. You know you can totally make it happen and whatever anyone has said about your dream is hearsay. You are doing what you were called to do. And the part of you answering is the highest part of your spirit, or God within you.

When you have passion within you it is really a most amazing gift. And when you’re aligned with the Divine, then you are truly blessed!

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