Ready, Set, Life

by Dave Jackson

I’m driving southbound on I-75, doing about 75. I look for something to write on as an idea quietly moves into my mind. Some ideas pop. Some are just there. Others come with much emotion, others are life experiences. This one came like the lyrics to a number one hit. I found the back of a MSN map I’d printed and started to map out what made so much sense to me, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before.

The idea is so cool, that I just might market it – if it indeed works. In that case, this entry in my blog will change. It will be edited to take out all the goodies and leave you with a teaser. But for now, you have my thoughts – the ones that came to me while whizzing past Bonita Springs earlier today.

Isn’t it true that we all want the very best we are willing to have? I mean, it really boils down to how willing you are. As anything in life, there’s a price. And some aren’t willing to pay that price.

But what if someone could hand you a simple workbook and say if you just follow these steps, you will become successful in whatever you do? Would you at least give it a try? I know I would.

The problem isn’t the knowledge. For me and I bet for you, too, it never has been. You know what you need to do. Take for instance losing weight. Who doesn’t know how to get rid of extra weight? We all do. Exercise and eating right, no? Simple as that.

Yet we fail to follow through, usually sabotaging our best efforts long before we see any results. Why? That’s the question I kept asking myself. My personal growth studies have taught me that almost everything I do is habitual, and by habit I do not follow through to success.

Not only that, it because very easy to stop the process using any choice of normal daily life occurances to justify why today I couldn’t do what I needed to do to obtain the success I so badly desired. Take diet. Today I started okay, but then mid-afternoon I was starving. And today is Friday, so that’s special and just today it would be okay to indulge in some leftover Easter chocolate. How about that bag of 40% reduced fat chips? Can’t be bad if they’ve reduced the fat, right? My excuses compound. My bases are covered – I have mentally justified everything.

My mind accepts because there is no discipline. There is no safeguard telling me something is really wrong, just a little voice in the back of my mind saying I blew my diet – but on the other shoulder I am assured, the voice says, that tomorrow is another day and we can “start over”.

Here’s the breakthrough principle: If everything, or almost everything in my life is governed by habits, why don’t I simply program everything by habit? Habits will take over and I’ll glide right into success. Easy. Or at least it seems so on paper.

In my next entry I’ll expose the basic priciples for success and then show you how you can use habit programming to commit each one to your life. Before you know it, instead of self-sabotaging, you’ll be figuring out new and faster ways to make it to the top – and helping others get there as well.

See you then!
Dave Jackson
Naples, FL

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