Recalled Hand Sanitizers. Why?

by David Jackson

Why in the world would we have recalled hand sanitizers? Greed. People want to get a return on a trend. Push out water with slime.

What about an outcast? Why is it ok that we allow the system to lock them up, give them a criminal record that guarantees they remain part of an outcast caste on the fringes of society where crime and death are a daily struggle? Why is the prostitute treated like a dirty smelly dog and not given the simple respect that we all deserve? I don’t think her decision to sell herself was voluntary and joyous moment for her. She is risking beatings and putting her life in extreme danger, serial killers take advantage of their vulnerability, and all to barely scrape by, and afford a roof over her head and a bed to sleep and a dead-bolted door so she can get a fleeting sense of safety. And this is her life, every single day, and instead of caring, we judge her, we blame her, we don’t even view her as a person.

When a prostitute is found murdered, do they get the same reaction and outpouring of love and grief that other women get? No. We give it a 5 sec local news blip and go on like it didn’t matter.

I know full well there are dangerous criminals out there, predators that treat us like chicken dinner, we are the prey. We are not beings to them, we are the cash in our pocket or the vindication their mental illness demands. Yes some people deserve to be put in a separate location from those they will harm and victimize. And not everyone can be rehabilitated or wants to be. Manson had been mistreated by the system so badly since he was a child that his extreme hatred for it and we the sheeple of society, is what drove him, he couldn’t be rehabilitated. The power the emotion of vengeance has on people is out of this world. And whether valid or not, I think vengeance plays a large role in many violent crimes. Like, the world hurt me and so it’s only fair they feel my pain as well. It’s true justice that they pay for the way my life turned out.

  Again here is where I would discuss self responsibility and acceptance of one’s decisions. I understand nuance here and how the deck is stacked against a lot of people and it gets to be too much, too hard to keep fighting, too heavy a burden to carry. They can continue to live a life of struggle to do right and do things that result in betterment of life. But sometimes they get tired of it, it wears on them, day after day. They eventually accept their “fate” and it’s usually a stagnant future or a downward spiral after that.

Not everyone is as fortunate as I am, sitting on a couch in a roomy apt with air conditioning and 4k tv and a full belly, conversing with loved ones. We base our observations of others on our own personal experiences. That’s why it’s difficult for some to understand, why can’t the prostitute get a job? Why can’t the drug addict just stop?

 So is a jury trial a fair deal for these 2 examples? Would they be fairly judged? Or would a jury of middle – upper class individuals not relate to them and judge them according to what they know based on their biased view of the world?

Haha gotta take a break, been typing too long, thanks for reading, I’ll be back shortly.

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