Setting Goals for a Great Life

by Dave Jackson

In the early 90’s I went through something that was pretty cool. I decided to delve into 2 Samuel 7 and live in the way King David did. Wow! I mean, here’s a guy who spent tons of time alone with God, giving praise and being grateful. David would also listen as God revealed the truth and offered him a glimpse of the future. (As I said – How very cool, no?!)

Because of what David learned, he was able to set goals and you know what? He had the discipline to stay on them; keep on course.

International travelWanting the same sort of solitude I’d travel internationally far from anyone. Most of the time, I was silent, listening in all seriousness to God’s voice. I asked Him to speak to me about my future and you know God – He always shows up. I have always been fond of journals, so I kept one then and recorded the goals He inspired.

The things He communicated so impacted my choices and I was so richly blessed that I often wonder why I haven’t repeated the exercise. 🙁

Keeping a journalHere is how you can do this as well:

First, come before the throne of Almighty God with a repentant heart, praise and thanksgiving.

Next, ask Him for direction in such areas such as your spiritual walk, career, and family. I’ve included a whole list that you can download called the Wheel of Life.

And then, in silence, wait patiently and attentively…reading and meditating on God’s Word. God will speak. Most often His guidance is given as conviction or prodding in your heart.

When that happens, make sure you write down what you are hearing so you can later review it.

You know, in order for me to stay on God’s flight plan, I often have to stop and listen for guidance. This world isn’t nice and tosses a lot of confusing messages at us all day and guess what? We need to check our course frequently.

I’m tellin’ ya… these conversations with my Lord are VITAL for a great life of godly impact!!

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