Should You Attend a Funeral?

by Dave Jackson

Believe it or not, some people never attend funerals.  In fact, one person I know vows the only funeral they will ever attend – you guessed it – will be their own.  And I think when you go, it’s a great opportunity for life lessons.  When you consider what is happening, it’s time to think of changes in your life.

Don’t blow this off.  We all have to go sometime.  And it’s nice to have the insurance and know your loved ones are cared for.  But I’m talking about preparing in another way.

Lately I’ve seen a few sites where friends have written a bucket list of things they would like to accomplish in their lifetime.  I believe this is really cool and that there is a special connection when we write something down.  Magic stuff happens and for some reason there is more power in it, and the chances of it happening go up exponentially.

So I’m thinking even while at a recent funeral, what is left that I REALLY want to accomplish, and if someone were to look at my plans right now would they agree that I’m going to accomplish it?

How about you?

What is that one thing you really want to accomplish before you have to leave this dusty ball of clay?

And then you know the next question: What is your strategy this year to make it happen?  Have you done anything this year toward reaching your goal?  Honestly?

After you read this, grab a scrap of paper and write down one thing you can do that will move you toward your goal.

Remember that bits of paper and even funerals never got anything done.  It takes action to make things happen.  Don’t delay.  Take massive action now!

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