Slippery Slope to Serving Self

by Dave Jackson

I was reading in Philippians today and Paul was again writing how it is important to behave. Seems that when he was in town, everyone around was cool – had their Christian hat on. But when he traveled, people would watch to see him leave, to see the sail of his ship glide over the horizon, then off came the hat and back to their uncool ways they would go. And I wondered this isn’t a thing that is cultural.

Being your best is something we’ve been battling for the ages. But the way we’re wired, we slide right into being full of us, when Paul says we should be helping others. When you think of what would happen if we were robots, all helping each other, we’d have a beautiful place. Turns out we’re set here with choices and the easy choice is to curl up in the corner and take care of us.

Plus I don’t see anyone lining up to be a robot.

So one of the biggest challenges I see, from day to day, hour to hour, is centering oneself to a position of servant. And don’t go thinking of the worst servant you’ve seen. Think of someone who serves at one of those mansions; you know what I’m talking about. The kind whose bosses take them on vacation to be company. That kind.

But really, you don’t even have to go there.

Just do what you know is right. Discipline your mind not to wander. I really believe that when you help others, things in your own life that need help get worked out. God has a cool way of keeping order and that includes His kids.

What do you think?

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